When working at JSR Micro NV you become part of our highly committed and collaborative team. We are driven by customer intimacy and have a desire for excellence in quality and technology. We believe in offering our employees a chance to enrich their lives in a sustainable way, in an atmosphere of safety and mutual respects.

To give you more insights on working at JSR, we asked a number of employees in different fields how they experience their job:

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Inge Goossens - Technical Administrative Assistant Maintenance - 1 November 2014

What I like at JSR Micro is the chance I have been given to start in a job that was different from my past experience. What I particularly like about my job content is the balance between active and practical assignments on the one hand, and administrative tasks on the other hand. I can manage my own priorities and like to be offered this freedom in the organization of my tasks. 

I appreciate the interaction with my colleagues since I feel I can be myself, and also because everybody is open for questions. 

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Jan Van Steenbergen - Senior Technical Account Manager - 1 September 2006

This fall I celebrated my 10th working anniversary for JSR. I started as application engineer in the R&D department. My role was to give technical support to our customers and to develop new photoresists. After some years it became clear to me that building and maintaining the customer relationship was the most attractive part in my job. At that point I was given the opportunity to enhance my skills even further as account manager. In my current role I am able to combine both the technical and sales aspect, which gives me a lot of flexibility and freedom.

Ria Lombaerts - Manager Logistics and Customer Service - 29 June 1990

In my experience it is a true privilege to work for an employer which over the years has been consistently operating at a high level of quality, environmental awareness, safety and welfare, all considered at equal level, long before ISO, CSR and others became buzzwords. In my entire career of 30 years, early and recently, I have been offered opportunities that suited my needs and urged my motivation over and over again. Not only do I find pleasure in guiding (new) colleagues in how to read the modus operandi of our company, but I also enjoy exploring new horizons.