JSR I-line photoresists

With about four decades of experience in i-line photochemistry, JSR is proud to offer its customers a comprehensive line-up in both positive and negative tonalities.

Always at the forefront of innovation in photoresist design to keep up with ever more demanding requirements from the industry, JSR recently introduced two new specialty grades respectively targeting high throughputs and outstanding wet-etching resistance.

JSR i-line portfolio is divided into versatile, all-around grades with various levels of photospeeds and specialty grades tailored for advanced and demanding processes. JSR offers products with several viscosities targeting the following applications:

•Wet and dry-etching
•Non-critical and critical dimensions
•Highly reflective and non-standard substrates
•Low outgas
•High throughput

Positive-tone overview

Below is a simplified overview of JSR positive tone i-line grades, spanning diverse applications as indicated by the colour code.


Negative-tone overview

The following chart summarizes JSR negative-tone i-line grades, especially suitable for high energy implantation/dry etching resistance, with very low outgas.

Focus on products

     Focus on IX1025L - high resolution for CD-critical applications

      IX1025L targets CD-critical applications with a large process window, as depicted below.


      Focus on IX160L - high adhesion for wet etch applications

IX160L was especially developed to offer high adhesion whilst keeping high resolution. Below is a comparison of the resistance to bHF etching between IX160L and standard i-line resists. More data available in the folder.

Disclaimer : The data presented on this page are an indication on JSR products and their performances, which may differ with process conditions.