JSR Negative Tone THB Photoresists

JSR's unique THB series of negative tone resists address the needs of metal plating and bumping processes using a proprietary design that incorporates a polymer backbone with multifunctional acrylate groups. Excellent plating tolerance and ease of stripping allow JSR THB negative tone photoresists to provide fast processing with excellent exposure throughput and superior process margins. The acrylate groups in the THB series resist cross-link on exposure and are developable in standard TMAH yielding high aspect ratio profiles for film thicknesses from 5 to 90 µm. 


  • Fast Processing
  • High Sensitivity
  • Wide Process Margin
  • Excellent Plating Ratio
  • High Resolution
  • High Aspect Ratio
  • Easy Stripping

Product Summary

Product Film Thickness (µm) Application
THB-111N     5-15 Copper wiring
THB-126N     15-50 Gold bump
THB-151N     25-90 Copper, solder bump



RDL for copper plating for wafer level CSP system in package


Gold bump - LCD driver inner bump


Solder plating, copper plating - flip chip, wafer level CSP system in package