Thick photoresists for plating

JSR’s THB series focuses on the formation of various metallic features through electroplating. Excellent resolution and resistance to plating chemistries provide a versatile platform to create various aspect ratios of microbumps, RDLs, pillars, …

THB photoresists features:

•Low outgas
•Excellent plating performances
•Standard development with TMAH
•Excellent process windows
•Low bubble amounts, even at high film thickness
•Excellent environmental tolerance

Products overview

Below is a schematic overview of JSR plating photoresists, spanning a wide range of thicknesses and aspect ratios.

       Focus on products  

         Focus on C4 bump / Cu pillars photoresist 

          JSR negative-tone photoresists for C4 bumping/Cu pillars plating are designed for plating thick structures with high aspect ratios whilst keeping a wide process  window.


         Focus on positive-tone plating resist

           Below is an overview of JSR fast positive-tone plating resist with excellent process window and versatility.


Disclaimer : The data presented on this page are an indication on JSR products and their performances, which may differ with process conditions.