Emerging Technologies

JSR provides high quality, cost effective binders for battery manufacturing. Our aqueous anode and cathode binders pave the way to environmental-friendly and cost-effective processes. JSR materials are used worldwide in Li-ion battery applications (automotive, transportation, stationary). 

Compatible with state-of-the-art designs, including Si anode and Nickel rich cathode materials, JSR binders also address the requirements of the new generation Li-ion batteries. JSR’s global organization and unique chemistry expertise allow combining the R&D and production drives required to support its customers.​

JSR water based binders are available through JSR Elastomer Europe Belgium (JEEb) within EMEA region. JEEb is available for technical and commercial support from its office at Esperantolaan 9, 3001 Leuven, Belgium and can be contacted by e-mail contactbm@jsrelastomer.com.

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