Lithium Ion Capacitor applications

ULTIMO Lithium Ion Capacitors combine a high energy density with a high power density. They can be charged and discharged at a high current while exhibiting excellent life characteristics, low self-discharge and wide working temperature ranges while ensuring a high degree of safety. 

Lithium Ion Capacitors offer the perfect solution in applications where Lithium Ion Batteries do not offer sufficient power, cycle life or calendar life. Other typical usage of ULTIMO lies is cases where electric double layer capacitors do not meet the energy density requirement.

ULTIMO cells can be used in mobile applications such as energy recuperation in cars, buses, light rail vehicles (LRV), trams and other commercial vehicles. They also contribute to performance improvement of stationary systems such as backup storage, peak assist, power quality, electricity storage, and the like.

Typical examples of applications making the most of these features are shown below.