Information on the transportation of ULTIMO Lithium Ion Capacitors.

The regulations for the transportation of Lithium Ion Capacitors are completely separated and different from the transportation regulations for batteries.

The transport of Lithium Ion Capacitors is regulated by UN3508 “Capacitor, asymmetric (with an energy storage capacity greater than 0.3Wh)”.  For air freight Special Provision A196 is applicable as described in the IATA “Dangerous Goods Regulations” handbook.

This Special Provision is equivalent to the UN Special Provision number 372 in the UN Model Regulations.
For ULTIMO Lithium Ion Capacitors supplied by JSR Micro NV, following conditions apply:

  •  Energy content of the capacitors is between 0.3Wh and 20Wh
  •  The capacitors are protected against short circuit during transportation
  •  The capacitors have a vent build-in their casing, which can relieve pressure if needed
  •  The packaging is designed to contain any liquid that may get spilled in case of venting
  •  The capacitors are marked with their energy storage capacity
  •  The capacitors passed the pressure differential test as described in the Special Provision
  •  The capacitors passed the drop test as described in the Special Provision

Packing Instruction 971 as described by IATA is applicable to ULTIMO Lithium Ion Capacitors by air.
In conclusion, ULTIMO Lithium Ion Capacitors are classified under UN-number UN3508 but are exempted from most transportation requirements, defined by the different transport regulations, because the conditions of the related Special Provision are fulfilled.

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