ULTIMO Lithium Ion Capacitor Prismatic Cells

ULTIMO is an electricity storage device with both high energy density and high power density features and can be charged and discharged at a high current. Ensuring a high degree of safety and excellent performance through life, they feature little self-discharge and have a wide operation temperature range.

ULTIMO cells can be used in mobile applications such as energy recuperation in cars, buses, light rail vehicles (LRV), trams and other commercial vehicles. They also contribute to performance improvement of stationary systems such as backup storage, peak assist, power quality, electricity storage, and the like.

Prismatic cells are thin, robust, lightweight, compact, safe in use and show excellent thermal behavior, resulting in a wide spectrum of applications. This design excels in heat radiation efficiency and ease of implementation in comparison with common cylindrical type.

Measurement Items





Range of Operating Temperatures   -30°C~70°C -30°C~70°C  
Rated Voltage Maximum   3.8V 3.8V  
Minimum   2.2V 2.2V  
Capacitance   2300F 3300F Constant Current Discharge , 25°C
ESR   0.6mΩ 0.7mΩ 1kHz
DC-IR   0.7mΩ 1.0mΩ Constant Current Discharge , 25°C

Weight E-density

Volume E-density

8Wh/kg 13Wh/kg Constant Current Discharge , 25°C
14Wh/L 20Wh/L
-20°C Capacitance
ratio(vs 25C)
85% 85% Constant Current Discharge , 25°C
70°C 100% 100%
Self Discharge Characteristics Voltage Reduction   < 5% < 5% 3 Months,25°C
Cell size     150.0x93.0x15.5mm 150x93.0x15.5mm Without Terminal
Weight     0.365kg 0.350kg  

These values are typical ones, which are subject to change without notice.

Cycle life performance

Test condition: Charge: CC 200 A to 3.8 V; discharge: CC 200 A to 2.2 V; no rest times between charging and discharging, (ULTIMO 2300F ULR Prismatic), ambient temperature

After a charge-discharge operation of over two million cycles at 100% of the specified operation Voltage range (100% DOD), the cell capacity retention is still about 90%.

An ULTIMO cell can be operated at a cell voltage higher than that of an electric double layer capacitor and has excellent high temperature durability. This characteristic is achieved by a design that uses the pre-doping process to lower the potential of the negative electrode and ; at the same time, this suppresses the deterioration of the negative electrode, resulting in high durability even after repetition of charge-discharge cycles.

Combining Energy with Power

Test condition: Charge: CCCV 10 A to 3.8 V; discharge: CC 10~480 A to 2.2 V, ambient temperature (ULTIMO 3300F LR Prismatic)

ULTIMO cells can achieve an energy density of 13 Wh/kg.

Load life performance

Test condition: Constant voltage: 3.8 V in an ambient temperature of 70°C (ULTIMO 2300F ULR Prismatic). After six months of operation at maximum temperature and maximum Voltage, no noticeable deterioration has been observed.

Safety test results of laminate ULTIMO cell

ULTIMO cells have been tested in accordance to different industrial standard, such as UL and UN. They did neither burn, nor explode in any of overcharge, over-discharge, and external short-circuit tests, proving their excellent safety.

Test Conditions Results
Fire Rupture
Overcharge  Current: 200A
 State of Charge: 250%
 Max. Voltage: 20 V
 With constraining unit
Not observed Not observed
Over-discharge  Current: 200A
 Voltage: 0 V
Not observed Not observed
External short circuit  Short resistance: 3mΩ
 Ambient temperature: 55°C
Not observed Not observed