Water based binder for battery electrodes


JSR manufactures binder materials for lithium ion batteries since 1995.  The materials offer significant improvements in safety, performance and manufacturing cost compared to traditional binders.  In the meantime these materials are being used by most of the leading LIB manufacturers.

Aqueous binders use water to replace the organic solvent used in battery production. Solvents often used for this purpose include N-Methylpyrrolidone (NMP) or N-Ethylpurrolidone (NEP). Switching to water based production can reduce manufacturing costs by 50%. Organic solvents are considerably more expensive and require additional costs for a recovery, collection and environmental compliance

Our water based binders have superior adhesion and can be used in lower concentrations. This increases battery rate and cycle life performance. JSR's aqueous binders are the compelling choice for high performance, low cost and environmentally-friendly manufacturing.

1. Lower cost

  • Processing of aqueous systems is cheaper compared to organic solvent based processing.
  • Low investment cost as there is no need for a solvent recovery system. 

2. Improved productivity

  • Faster drying speed and lower drying temperatures.

3. Environmental friendly processing

  • JSR binders do not contain organic solvents. This allows for clean and pollution-free processing.

4. Improved cell performance

  • JSR binders show an excellent adhesive strength combined with high flexibility.
  • Lower intrinsic resistance is achieved because of lower amount of binder needed. 
  • Improved cycle life and initial capacity.

5. Tailor made customer support

JSR Research and support laboratories

JSR is an R&D driven company offering specialty chemicals to our customers. We aim to offer the best possible product for each specific application. Our binder materials are designed with this company philosophy in mind. Each of our binders has been rigorously evaluated in our extensive testing facilities before being released into the market. This does not only include testing of mechanical and chemical properties but also performance in actual batteries. To this end JSR has constructed extensive R&D laboratories for research and customer support available in different geographical areas.

JSR offers both Water based Anode and Water based Cathode binders.

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