EAS Elettronica and JSR Micro N.V. announce the release of a LIC module for low duty applications

Emerging Technologies

Schio, Italy – April 23rd, 2015 – As a result of a joint collaboration effort, EAS Elettronica and JSR Micro NV announce the release of a Lithium Ion Capacitor module for low duty applications, such as short term back-up power, UPS, voltage sag compensation, peak power absorption, electric power stabilization, power quality improvement and emergency shut-off. 

The modules are scalable to meet energy and power requirements, are maintenance free and safe in use. They can be used as stand-alone products or can easily be integrated as the basic energy storage component in a large system. Convenient plug-and-play master and slave design offers maximum flexibility for sizing towards a specific application at the lowest cost of ownership. Each module includes cell monitoring and balancing and has alarm output functions. It can be used in a very wide temperature range going from -30°C to +70°C. 

ULTIMO ® Lithium Ion Capacitors, supplied by JSR Micro NV in Europe, are used as the energy storage device within the module. By changing the type of cell, the characteristics of the modules can be tuned in order to provide the optimum solution at the lowest cost of ownership.

A Lithium Ion Capacitor is a type of hybrid super-capacitor, combining properties of Lithium Ion Batteries with properties of Electric Double Layer Capacitors. As a result, they offer a high energy density and a high power density in combination with an outstanding cycle life and are safe to use.

About EAS Elettronica

EAS Elettronica SpA, based in Schio - Vicenza, Italy, is a leading company in electronic subcontracting. EAS assembles electronic boards by using both PTH and SMT technologies and is able to supply the electronic boards together with the burn-in testing, ICT and CAF tests. Thanks to its research and development department they can also provide the design and engineering of industrial electronic equipment, prototypes, master and samples. EAS’s goal is to always be into the heart of technology, by anticipating all the moves that, in the electronics industry, are leading to a highly qualified service in all fields: from the project industrialization to its assembly, until the automatic testing of boards and electronic and mechanical assemblies. The results of this goal are guaranteeing technical solutions that are always up to date to all its customers. EAS has always invested in up-to-date machineries and quality certifications. EAS is already ISO 9001:2008 certified and within the first semester of 2015 EAS will also be ISO/TS 16949 certified. In order to always guarantee a better quality/price ratio to its customer, EAS has opened a
production plant in Samorin (Slovakia) - EAS Europe s.r.o in 2003.

About JSR Micro NV

JSR Micro NV., based in Leuven, Belgium, is a subsidiary of JSR Corporation, a multinational company employing about 6000 people worldwide and a leading materials supplier in a variety of technology driven markets. JSR’s global network is headquartered in Tokyo (Japan) and has factories and offices in Europe, US, China, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore and Thailand. JSR is a research-oriented organization that pursues close collaborations with leading innovators in a number of industries that are key to the present and future welfare of human society: life-sciences, energy storage, synthetic rubbers, electronic materials, display and optical materials. ‘Innovation one-on-one’ summarizes our value proposition to our customers. Through a very early and close collaboration JSR offers its customers a competitive advantage based on leading edge technologies, consistent high quality and balanced cost of ownership. JM Energy Corporation is a fully owned subsidiary of JSR Corporation.