Last year we took the initiative to make an overview of all the actions that we took as a company to ensure that future generations get the same opportunities as ours. It was quite a list, our CSR report mentions it. We want to keep these efforts going and support one organisation directly.  As JSR Micro NV has its headquarters firmly rooted in Leuven, the local nonprofit organization HONK quickly came to mind. This organization wants to create a home for twelve friends with an intellectual disability where they can live as independently as possible. Moreover, it also strives to give them sensible daytime activities like helping out in a kindergarten or a supermarket per example. Places in the existing healthcare facilities in Belgium are unfortunately very limited, which means that graduating young people often have to move back to their parents' house. As all youngsters, they dream of their own future and moving back home isn't a part of that dream. HONK's motto "house, home, future" says it all, HONK wants to give these youngsters the tools to start building their own future.