JSR Corporation and SCIVAX Life Sciences, Inc. Establish a Laboratory in the U.S. to Accelerate the Global Expansion of the 3D Cell Culture Business

Life Sciences

Tokyo,  Japan – December 16, 2013 – JSR Corporation (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Mitsunobu Koshiba; hereinafter “JSR”) and SCIVAX Life Sciences, Inc. (Head Office: Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki City; President: Satoru Tanaka; hereinafter “SLS”) have reached an agreement to establish a laboratory in the  U.S. to expand their three-dimensional (3D) cell culture business. Accordingly, JSR has made a strategic investment in SLS. 
JSR entered into a strategic partnership with SLS for 3D cell culture fostered by SLS, and the two companies have been conducting joint research in the field. SLS has developed proprietary technology in novel 3D cell culturing. Its product, NanoCulture® Plate, has been used at various pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions for advanced drug discovery research, mainly in Japan and the U.S. 
Based on the technologies growing success, SLS has decided to establish a laboratory outside of Boston to accelerate the expansion of its 3D cell culture business in the U.S., which represents the largest market for drug discovery research and where a range of advanced research projects are being implemented. The company has been providing customers in the European and American markets with technical support services and promoting sales to these customers mainly through its bases in Japan. The establishment of a laboratory in the  U.S. will enable the company to provide these customers with more substantial and timely services. 
JSR has made a strategic investment for the establishment of the laboratory by SLS and will further enhance the strategic partnership with the company by conducting sales promotion activities in cooperation with its own European and American affiliates, such as JSR Micro, Inc. and JSR Micro N.V. 
Since the partnership agreement, JSR and SLS have been successfully conducting joint research toward the release of a primary cancer cell culture kit as part of their effort to develop new applications for NanoCulture® Plate. As an example of the achievements made through the partnership, both parties will foster the sale of NanoCulture® Plate not only for conventional screening but also for primary cancer cell research, globally supporting the 3D cell culture business through the newly established laboratory in the U.S. 
JSR will continue to make use of its domestic and overseas network of life sciences companies, including JSR Life Sciences Corporation, JSR Micro, Inc., and JSR Micro N.V. for the global acceleration of the business. 
3D cell culture technology is a culture method to form in vivo-like 3D multi-cellular spheroids. Findings show that 3D cell culture spheroids have characteristics more similar to in vivo cells than those cultured by other methods. As a result, 3D cultured spheroids are expected to accelerate further advancements in understanding the mechanisms of disease, development of novel treatments, drug discovery and more.