JSR Develops Innovative Pre-lithiation Technology for Lithium Ion Batteries

Emerging Technologies

Tokyo, Japan – December 17, 2018 – JSR Corporation (JSR) has developed a roll-to-roll continuous pre-lithiation technology that improves both the capacity and the safety of lithium ion batteries (LIB). This new technology will be presented at AABC Europe* held in Strasbourg, France, January 27 -31, 2019.

There has been increasing attention on LIB materials, such as silicon-based and hard carbon-based anodes, to meet market demands for high capacity and high power. However, with such materials, LIBs are unable to gain maximum capacity due to the partial loss of Lithium ions caused by side reactions in the anode. JSR’s new pre-lithiation technology solves this problem by pre-applying Lithium ions to the anode materials enabling the battery to increase its capacity.

Improvement of battery capacity by 20~40% is expected by applying this technology to the silicon-based anode.  LIB safety is also improved by avoiding excess use of positive electrode materials, while enhanced cycle life is expected by suppressing anode degradation. This technology is expected to raise the level of performance and expand potential applications for LIB technology.

JSR Group has conducted R&D for pre-lithiation technology for many years. JM Energy Corporation, JSR’s consolidated subsidiary, has mass-produced Lithium Ion Capacitors (LIC) as electric storage devices for more than ten years using pre-lithiation technology.  Because roll-to-roll technology is already the standard manufacturing method for LIBs, our pre-lithiation technology can be introduced without changing existing manufacturing processes or materials.

As energy efficiency remains a focus for innovation, the importance of electric storage devices, with a central focus on LIB, continues to increase.  Through JSR’s pre-lithiation technology, safer electric storage devices with higher capacity and power are now possible. 

* AABC Europe(9th International Advanced Automotive Battery Conference)

Presentation Date:January 29, 2019

Presentation Time:11:05 am

Session:Roll-To-Roll Pre-Lithiation for Lithium Ion Battery Anodes

Location:Strasbourg Convention + Exhibition Centre (Strasbourg, France)

JSR Booth Number:608