JSR Expands Bioprocess Offerings Through Strategic Investment and Commercial Partnership with Natrix Separations

Life Sciences

Tokyo, Japan – September 10th, 2013 – JSR Corporation (President: Mitsunobu Koshiba) announced today that it has expanded its Life Sciences initiative with a strategic investment in Natrix Separations, the developer of Natrix™ HD Membrane Technology and Advective™ Chromatography. The companies have also entered into a global distribution agreement for commercialization of Natrix bioprocess products with execution by regional JSR Life Sciences teams based at JSR group companies, JSR Micro, Inc., JSR Micro NV and JSR Life Sciences Corporation in Japan.

Natrix™ HD Membrane Technology and Advective™ Chromatography is available in NatriFlo™ flow-through chromatography products for biomolecule polish applications and complements JSR's existing bioprocess technology including its Amsphere™ Protein A media for monoclonal antibody purification, which the company successfully launched last year.
"We are very pleased to enter into this partnership with Natrix," said Nobu Koshiba, president of JSR Corporation. "Over the past decade, Natrix has developed and proven its proprietary technology, which is now ready for industry adoption. The Natrix platform combines with our existing product lines to enable JSR to offer a complete downstream tool set for the bioprocess industry."

Natrix™ HD Membrane Technology combines binding capacity that exceeds conventional resin-based columns and fast flow-rates typical of membrane adsorbers. The versatile technology can be deployed in flow-through or bind-elute mode. Natrix will launch its NatriFlo™ flow-through product line for polish applications in September. NatriFlo delivers best-in-class HCP removal, DNA removal and Viral Clearance, even with the most challenging feedstreams, and with plenty of capacity to spare. Natrix will launch its NatriPure™ bind-elute chromatography products in 2014.

"Natrix technology enables biomolecule developers and manufacturers to achieve a new level of low-cost, highly flexible productivity in their purification operations. We are excited to partner with JSR Life Sciences to bring these products to market," said John Chickosky, Natrix Separations President & CEO. "Already, customers around the world have expressed great interest in simplifying and adding flexibility to their downstream operations with Natrix technology, and JSR's global presence and strength makes them a perfect partner to serve those customers."

About Natrix Separations

Natrix Separations, based in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, is the developer of Natrix™ HD Membrane Technology for the purification of biopharmaceuticals. Natrix™ HD Membrane Technology combines binding capacity that exceeds conventional resin-based chromatography columns and fast flow-rates typical of membrane adsorbers for both flow-through and bind-elute capture applications. Natrix products enable biopharmaceutical manufacturers with a complete set of purification tools that overcome the efficiency, speed, and flexibility barriers imposed by conventional capital-intensive approaches to chromatography. Natrix products feature well-established industry-standard chemistries and are scalable from R&D to commercial manufacturing.