JSR Micro Announces Agreement with Electro Standards Laboratories for North American Distribution of ULTIMO Lithium Ion Capacitors

Emerging Technologies

Sunnyvale, CA – August 7, 2014 – JSR Micro, Inc.'s Energy and Environment division announced today that it has entered into a distribution agreement for North American sales with Electro Standards Laboratories (ESL) of Cranston, RI for ULTIMO lithium ion capacitors (LIC). ULTIMO was the first commercialized LIC on the market and this agreement stems from growing demand for supercapacitors and related technical and customer support. 

"Electro Standards Laboratories has a long history as a leader in the design of motor controls and power systems," said Jeff Myron, Energy Solutions Program Manager at JSR Micro, Inc. "With direct experience in pulsed power energy systems, load leveling for wireless electric vehicle charging, wave energy harvesting, and hybrid energy storage systems (HESS), ESL has breadth and depth of expertise in our target markets that allows us to provide more complete solutions to our customers." 

The ULTIMO lithium ion capacitor product line includes both laminate and prismatic individual cells and multi-cell modules. ESL can also supply custom power and module communication cables to accommodate each customer's particular application. To further support customers, ESL R&D services and its new ULTIMO product line provide its clients with a research and development partner that can assist in any phase of development from conception to production. 

JSR announced earlier this year that, based on market demand, it will complete construction of a high-volume manufacturing facility in Japan in January 2015. The new facility's capacity will reach 3 million cells per year with initial customer shipments expected in June 2015. 

ULTIMO is based on advanced lithium ion technology and has superior energy density, change retention, and higher cell voltage than traditional EDLC supercapacitors, ULTIMO also features very high cycle life, fast charge/discharge times, high power density, long life and low maintenance. It is well suited to applications in pulsed power, renewable energy, and hybrid energy storage modules (HESM) or hybrid energy storage systems (HESS).