JSR Micro NV is proud to break ground on construction of our new wastewater treatment plant!


On 11 October 2021, JSR Micro NV held an informal groundbreaking ceremony that kicked off the construction of a wastewater treatment plant in Leuven, Belgium.

Photo: CEO Bart Denturck (left) and the project team.

JSR’s Leuven site produces protein A chromatography resins, products that are essential for the purification of biological medicines, in addition to advanced semiconductor materials that enable the manufacturing of the latest generation of microchips.

On October 11, we broke ground on a new water purification plant that will enable us to re-use 70% of our wastewater as it will generate pure water suitable for our manufacturing process. This will considerably reduce our water consumption. Moreover, this will also have a significant positive impact on our CO2 footprint because, currently, all our wastewater is moved by truck to a specialized waste treatment company. Reusing 70% of our water will also make our operations more resilient when facing future periods of drought.

The completion of the installation is expected in early 2022.

The Leuven site of JSR is located in a water protection area , a source for drinking water.  Respect for the environment has always been a key consideration in our daily activities. JSR Micro NV has been ISO14001 certified for many years. For more information on how we integrate sustainability into our daily life, please read our latest report: https://www.jsrmicro.be/about-jsr/corporate-social-responsibility