JSR Micro NV wins the Business Mobility Award


The Flemish minister of Mobility Ben Weyts gave a Business Mobility Award to JSR Micro NV in Leuven. This award rewards companies that promote sustainable mobility to their employees. Minister Weyts handed out the award at The Mobility Congress, an initiative of VSV in cooperation with the Flemish government, VOKA chamber of Commerce Halle-Vilvoorde, Mobimix and Athlon.

JSR Micro NV received the Business Mobility Award 2015 in the category "private companies". Earlier this year JSR Micro NV started leasing company bicycles for its employees, including maintenance, insurance and roadside assistance. The company also participated in campaigns like "Ik Kyoto" and the "Car Free Day". In only a few months time, the company managed to have the idea widely accepted and to increase the number of cycling employees extensively: up to 40% more employees used their bike during the summer months for commuting and the "Ik Kyoto" campaign had a record number of participants and CO2 reduction compared to the last 5 years. Working towards sustainable mobility for JSR Micro NV is part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Thanks to this Award, JSR Micro NV gained a lot of media attention. They were mentioned on the national radio stations during the newscast and the regional TV station ROB TV came to make some shoots too. You can watch the news bulletin via this link.