New Year's message


Dear JSR-colleague,

There are two words we pronounce too little: THANK YOU!, especially in the hustle and bustle of every day.

As 2022 fades away and 2023 kicks in, I would like to sincerely thank you for the pleasant cooperation in the past year and for all your efforts. We take these efforts too easily for granted, but they are not. A very big and heartfelt THANK YOU!

I am well aware that there are still major challenges ahead of us next years. But I am optimistic. We are convinced that our semi and life science products are keys to progress: to a better society, to a cleaner planet, to a society on a human scale and yes, also to a flourishing JSR Micro NV. We will continue to grow and create more prosperity.

Specially in Europe, the geopolitical issues will play an important role in our business development the coming years. But every dark cloud has a silver line. We’ve build a strong reputation as a resilient and agile partner during the Covid-crisis. We are ready to repeat this reputation building, during these troubled times.

I am enthusiastic about the European initiatives related to sustainability and carbon neutrality. For sure it will give us headaches and it will be more difficult to deploy our activities, but it is the right thing to do! We have our moral obligations for the generations to come.

We hold the keys to making 2023 a fantastic year.

Together with you, I would like to contribute to this.

I wish you, and everyone dear to you, a healthy 2023.

Kind regards,