Presenting our CSR report of 2017


Back in 2015, JSR Micro NV published its first CSR report. When we wrote it, we learned that CSR values were already embedded in our culture even though we never actively pursued it. We’re a company that has always aimed at providing innovative materials that benefit society, and that is aware of the expectations of our stakeholders. Corporate social responsibility comes natural to us.

During the past two years, any artificial effort to superimpose CSR on our company would have faded quickly. Not only have we never hired so many new colleagues, the seeds that were planted in the life sciences and energy-storage technology are growing rapidly. Looking back on the initiatives that were undertaken, we can confirm that CSR has fully become a part of our identity. It’s now in our genes. Throughout all these projects, new activities reflect our respect for environment, sustainability, and safety and health. We’re actively pursuing more of these activities every day. Read about it in our CSR report of 2017.