Presenting our CSR report 2021


This fourth edition of our CSR report aims to shine a positive light on what has been a challenging and complicated time. Halfway through the reporting period, we were confronted with the start of the COVID-19 pandemic that, within a few months quickly spiraled into a global health crisis. Still, we want to bring an optimistic message. Keeping our employees safe and healthy was our highest priority and we managed to prevent an outbreak. Having sites on three continents proved to be an asset when geo-political tensions rose. The redundancy that we built into our operations kicked in when the first wave of the pandemic started, and our lean organization allowed us to quickly expand our production capacity while further reducing our environmental impact. 

The JSR group as a whole had already shown a great deal of resilience and preparedness for the future. Adding to that we now adopted an updated five pillar strategy with sustainability at the core, linking everything together. The drivers for the coming decade are in place and we can already see the effects rippling through the organization.  Our stakeholders have increasingly advocated for a move towards sustainability and care for the environment and, with this report, we aim to demonstrate our evolution in that direction. Besides reporting, we also issue this work to receive your open feedback as well as your guidance on what are for you the most important aspects for the coming years.

Read about it in our CSR report of 2021.