Quality, Environment, Health and Safety (QEHS)

Quality and environment, health and safety (EHS) protection are the responsability of management, top to bottom.

From all employees it is expected that they respect all rules regarding quality and EHS.

Our goal is continuous improvement of everything related to quality and EHS. Goals and targets are set, analyzed, reviewed and reported, based on measurement data and facts. These aspects are managed at the same level as other key activities.

The management aims for openness, honesty and collaboration in the field of quality and EHS towards our employees, customers, subcontractors, authorities and neighbors.

The execution and the continuous improvement of the JSR policy regarding quality and EHS are considered as a high priority target to achieve and improve customer satisfaction.

JSR Micro has been honored by GlobalFoundries 1st global supplier award. 

Quality Policy

JSR will exceed customers' expectations by providing superior quality products and services.

JSR will proactively anticipate market activities and customer needs.

JSR will provide an environment in which all employees feel empowered to continuously improve the quality of products and jobs.

At JSR, we strive to incorporate quality into everything we do. It is central to our internal processes, our people, our interactions with customers and, therefore, the products we produce. 

JSR Micro NV is ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 certified.