JSR KrF photoresists

Since JSR started developing photoresists on the KrF platform in the 1980s, emphasis has always been placed on quality and performance. It remains at the heart of our activities as we keep on developing new formulations to address the newest market needs in 248nm sensitive photoresists.

JSR prides itself on proposing a broad lineup of KrF grades with the following properties:

•Environmentally Stable Chemically Amplified Photoresists (ESCAP) with positive tonality
•Low blob defectivity
•High throughput
•Multiple purpose grades

The following sections highlights some of JSR's portfolio through an overview of :

Feel free to contact us for specific requests that may not be addressed on this page.

Line/Space grades overview

Below is an overview of the main L/S grades proposed by JSR.

Contact/hole grades overview

Below is an overview of the main C/H grades proposed by JSR.

Focus on products

    Focus on M91Y

          M91Y is a multipurpose photoresist designed for the 180nm node and above. It is suitable both for L/S and C/H applications.

1. L/S performance for various densities and CDs.
2. C/H performance for various densities and CDs.

Focus on M230Y

M230Y targets CD-critical applications for 110nm technology nodes and even offers a wide process windows at 95nm CD.     


M170Y was especially designed for CD-critical contacts/holes applications.

1. Focus latitude for 150nm dense C/H.
2. Focus latitude for 160nm dense and isolated C/H.

Disclaimer : The data presented on this page are an indication on JSR products and their performances, which may differ with process conditions.